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#Define CK
« on: June 26, 2015, 03:48:34 pm »
What does CK stand for? And what does it mean?

CK stands for Character kill, and it means that your character is officially dead, and he no longer belongs to the real world, But don't worry, that doesn't mean, you would loose your levels, and your account will get banned, you can just simply /changenick, and get your new nick simply, but what most people do is ignore the CK's, but don't forget that, CK requires YOUR permission FIRST, If someone says you got CK-ed, and they didn't asked you, don't believe them, they're trying to trick you into loosing your character, So its upto you if you wanna be CK-ed or not, But if you get into a good role-play situation, then you might need to accept CK, but don't worry, as i said you won't loose your property / cash, but only your friends, and people that you knew ingame.

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