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#Define PG
« on: June 26, 2015, 03:40:40 pm »
What does PG stand for?

 And what does it mean? PG stands for Powergaming, and it means, doing something thats IMPOSSIBLE to do in real life, like picking up a bus, Which no one IRL could do, or not giving someone a chance to RP, or respond to your /me's, for example, if you.. * Alan throws Emilio from the star tower. * Pushes him with the lmb command * Then he would fall down, I didn't gave him a chance to respond to /me's by /do.

This is a really important topic, Powergaming, This is something that most people have no idea off, and if you got this, then you'll become good at RP-ing, and someday proffesional at RP-ing, So i'll explain how to do this.

Now for example, I'll be Alan, and my opponent will be Emilio. * Alan punches Emilio in the face. Emilio: Fail, He doges the punch.

So, If you plan on trying to fail, and avoid the person's action, think what would happen in real life, then let it happen, And then respond by /do S(success, or f(fail, with a REASON.))

And also don't try to do double actions, if you type /do fail, or succeed like /do f, Emilio zaps you in the balls, which is a action without a /me, so do not do that, but do it with a seperate /me and remember to keep everything RP.

NOTE: If you do not get this part, Feel free to contact me ingame, My nick is Miguel_Ortega, And i will gladly help you at this part
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