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#Define RolePlay
« on: June 08, 2015, 02:49:33 pm »
So, lets start with...What's Roleplay, And how to Roleplay?

Roleplay means taking a role of a person, you can roleplay as a medic, gangbanger, mobster, or anything use your imagination, Before you start roleplaying, You should choose what you would roleplay, You have alot of choices, But make sure you plan whats gonna be your character goal, like is he gonna be a criminal, or a cop, or would he be insane, who just escaped from the asylum, Its upto to you, Don't be afraid to RP as a civilian, since everyone here joins gangs, mafia's or services, but civilian is also good, or you can start a legit businessman, or a politic person, Also plan what age your character is gonna be, and what clothes his gonna wear, and what dream he would have.
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