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IC/OOC Chats #Define
« on: June 26, 2015, 03:30:11 pm »
Now lets get to the IC / OOC Rules.

What IC stands for? And what does it mean? IC stands for incharacter, and its related to RP, and this is one of the main point of RP, so, theres some IC commands that let you chat IC-ly for example /l (Local chat), /s (shout), /r (IC Radio), /w (Whisper), /sms YOU ARE ALLOWED TO USE SMILEYS ON /SMS, SINCE YOU WOULD DO THAT IRL, /note, Note that, If you do use /note, please RP it, for example, /me takes out a pen, and a small piece of ripped paper from his jeans right pocket. * Alan starts scribbling something on the note. * Alan gives it to Emilio. So, then whatever you typed, it will appear on the player's screen to whom you gave the note to..

What OOC stands for? And what does it mean? OOC stands for Out Of Character, anything related to out of character meaning, talking about something that isn't related to your character's roleplay, Something related to your real life, or something that you did, or you discussing about some stuff, is called OOC, But remember, If you got a xbox live IRL, and you think its metagame to say it here, then your wrong, Cause you can RP your character has a xbox live ingame, by RP-ing it, And you can use some OOC commands to interact with people, for example../o (Global Chat), /b (People near you would see it, its like /l, but OOC) and /f (OOC Radio chat for the hi's and good morning's).

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