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Title: #Define MG
Post by: Ispy 007 on June 26, 2015, 03:33:34 pm
What does MG Stand for?

 And what does it mean? Well, MG Stands for Metagaming, And metagaming means, Mixing IC over OOC, For example, if you meet a person, and you just look at the name at the top of his head, and you call him by that, Thats considered Metagaming, Or if you find out about gangs or mafia's OOC-ly, or you got told by someone by /pm's, or You'd tell people to come to you by /pm's is also considered Powergaming, If you see anyone breaking these rules, then screen their messages / actions by pressing F8 and upload them to a website, like imageshack, tinypic, and post them to the report section at the home board.