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Title: Hunter License Format
Post by: Ispy 007 on July 01, 2015, 10:53:35 am
Section I - Personal Information

I.1 Full Name(Surname, firstname): Young, Darren

I.2 Age: 21

I.3 Gender: Male

I.4 Residence: 3006.street.

I.5 Contact Number: 629-858

Section II - Medical Background

II.1 Do you suffer from any physical illness?: No If yes, what?:

II.2 Do you suffer from any mental illness?: No If yes, what?:

II.3 Have you ever had a health issue in the past?: No If yes, what and when?:

Section III - Criminal Background

III.1 Have you ever been convicted of a crime?: No If yes, what and when?:

III.2 Have you ever been arrested?: No If yes, what for and when?:

Section IV - Miscellaneous

IV.1 Why do you desire to obtain a hunting license?: I love hunting and I wanted that to be my hoby.

IV.2 Why should we give you a hunting license?: Because I will use that for hunting not for bad things.

IV.3 Do you have any past experiences with rifles and hunting seasons?: Yes If yes, what?: I went hunting with my friends they show me how to use rifles but I didn't shoot because I didn't have a license

IV.4 Are you going to need a hunting course before the interview? No (Note that the course costs $7,500

IV.5 Do you have a Firearm license? No

By submitting thisapplication, you agree that all the

information given is correct. If any information is false, you

confirm thatthis application will be terminated. You also

accept that theLSLC staff mayterminate your application

without reason. As well asagreeing to our no refunds policy.

The LSLC department isnotentitled to reimburseyour

licenses should you lose them.

Applicant's signature: