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PALLY story by venz
« on: August 14, 2015, 02:00:51 pm »
Subject: THE PALLY

Quote from: Tonycruz

It all started when Tony was raised by his Uncle Victor,He raised him to become a gangster .So few days later,he was arrested because, he put his hands on Hore cause he was sexing so many guys. Victor knew he didn't have money to pay for his bail but rather he had a friend who was a lawyer.The lawyer couldn't help him bail his nephew but rather decrease jail sentence.Tony knew he could not stay in prison for that long so he decided to make some new friends for his escape. 

Tony made friends with Oscar and Freddi. After a few months later, they all had an escape plan. Freddi said he had found a spoilt boat at the Old mansion's house .Tony said, "Isn't it my uncle Victor's house, he responded "yeah". Then Oscar said " I have a few tools to fix it up, so i will tell my mother to hide them in my clothes and my food". So they started...

So they decided to start on Monday and Finish in Wednesday. So they started and finished on Wednesday.Then Tony asked a favor from his sister to help distract the Security so they can make and escaped so he did and they made a run for it. They hid in a small bush and waited until it was dark then they run under a bridge and to his Uncle's house.They picked the boat and run towards the river, put it on the water and Oscar drove. They fell asleep and ended up in Las Ventures.   

They hid the boat and tic toed on the stairs and hid around the garbage and  and when they thought all was lost they bumped in to a business man called Lyaid who was in a harry to catch his flight. He took them to his big mansion and bought them new clothes.Tony asked "how does this business of yours work". "Loss of cash, common let me show you around".

He showed them  how the business works and soon they became business men. After 3 months later they went back to Los Santos and then they decided to open a big business but they were instructed to write a letter and let it be approved then they can open their business. So they are here for the approval and the name of the group is PALLY.
L=Living the
Y=Yo (as the gangster part) 

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